Snack Powerfully

Meet Our Founder


Dad on a Mission


The happy accident that lead to the creation of a snack company. In 2018, Sharif Rasheed was looking to create a snack his young son could enjoy. He was not happy with what was on the shelves. He decided to go home and make his own granola bar. Well, luckily the broke into squares. His son Malcolm, devoured them in a heartbeat. Using his entrepreneur spirit he decided to immediately implement them into his juice shop. They were an instant hit. He knew that he may have something on his hands.

Scholar with a Vision


With parents as educators, Derric grew up in a home filled with conversations about the importance of education. For nearly a decade, he has been working to address the sociopolitical hurdles that students and families face while trying to access a high quality education. As a PhD student at Stanford University, his research focuses on what many might take for granted, like having consistent access to nutritious food and the impact that has on educational outcomes. As cofounder, Derric was committed to figuring out a way to make this a key component of the corporate identity and strategy of PowerSnacks!

The Importance of Flavor

Flavor is what keeps us coming back. We want something that doesn't make us feel like crap and also taste good. Eat PowerSnacks focuses on flavor and giving you a boost of energy. Flavor should not be the sacrifice.

Consistency is Key

As we expand flavors and products we will remain committed to staying consistent to the flavor that we offer. 

Our Mission

Snack Powerfully™

At Eat Powersnacks™ we strive to support and serve our communities by snacking powerfully! Our mission is to fuel our future leaders by providing + partnering with organizations to deliver wholesome, plant based and energy packed snacks. So many of our future leaders are living in food deserts and dealing with Food Insecurity. It is our responsibility to return 5% of our profits back into our communities facing this issue.

 Community empowerment and participation will always be at the forefront to tackle these challenges. We thank you for your support in combating these issues. If you are going to snack, Snack Powerfully!

We set a goal of donating $1 Million in three years.

1 in 6 children living in the U.S.

live in a food-insecure home

38 million total Americans

without food security

~ 50% of public school students

rely on free or reduced-priced school meals

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