Why we Dap

It represents unity. We are in this fight with you!


A Cause To Believe In

At PowerBites!, we believe in a future where all children and communities have the nourishment they need. That’s why we aim to partner with organizations and schools to provide vegan snacks for children. When we fight food insecurity in children across the United States, we help a new generation grow, learn, and progress.

What is Snacktavism?

Snacktavism is our way of helping communities across the country. Eat PowerBites! is a snack with purpose! With your help, we mobilize to address food insecurity because it is an issue that disproportionately plagues communities of color across the US.

The passion behind Eat PowerBites! helps us service food-insecure communities. When you snack with us, you are making an impact into different communities and schools in food deserts.

  • 1 in 6 Children live in food-insecure home
  • 5.3 Million Children without food security
  • Lower grades, tardiness, obesity, mental and physical health issues

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Why food insecurity in children?

We believe that progress means investing in the future, and there’s no greater investment than children. When we help to stabilize the lives of food-insecure families, that’s one less concern they face. Every community faces its own challenges, but we believe that your zip code should never determine whether you have access to food.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every community’s problems, when we feed the future, we foster leaders with the strength to grow. As we invest in the future, we support people with the power to address the unique needs of their neighborhood.

Good acts beget good acts, and we want to do our part to help communities feel fuller.



How Snacktavism Helps


Through our partnerships with schools, we help young students have access to healthy snack options that fuel their passion for life and learning. We also dedicate a percentage of our sales to help teachers.


Long-Term Impact

Beyond cutting checks and dropping off deliveries, we build relationships with students, community leaders and teachers. Together we learn, grow, and build an interwoven network of support.


Diverse Perspectives

With a passion for social change, we understand the importance of diverse perspectives and voices. We hope to fuel the future of social movements as we help communities that face food insecurity.