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Before Eat PowerBites!, we built a friendship

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A Dad with a Vision

Eat PowerBites! were created by accident. As a busy father and juice shop owner, Sharif Rasheed wanted to create a soft granola bar that his teething son could enjoy. Sharif aimed for vegan ingredients that would actually taste good. As he was making his first batch, they naturally broke into squares. His son Malcolm, devoured them in a heartbeat. After eating the leftovers, Sharif realized he was onto something. He started implementing the Eat PowerBites! into his former juice shop and customers loved them. He knew then that this was the product he wanted to focus on.

A Scholar with a Vision

With parents as educators, Derric grew up in a home filled with conversations about the importance of education. For nearly a decade, he has been working to address the sociopolitical hurdles that students and families face while trying to access a high quality education. As a PhD student at Stanford University, his research focuses on what many might take for granted, like having consistent access to nutritious food and the impact that has on educational outcomes. As cofounder, Derric was committed to figuring out a way to make this a key component of the corporate identity and strategy of PowerBites!

The Importance of Flavor

Flavor has always been important. Each bite should be enjoyable. Making flavorful Eat PowerBites! is all about the balance of ingredients. These bites are the perfect balance of dates, maple syrup, cacao, oats, sea salt other flavors.

Our Consistency is Key

We make sure every batch tastes the same as the last. We do not cut corners or sacrifice flavor for speed.